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Unlock precision and control with the Icon Autocraft Pvt. Ltd. 3D Wheel Alignment System. Seamlessly integrating advanced hardware and software, this system offers high-precision alignment, intelligent features for enhanced efficiency, and robust customer data management. Elevate your vehicle maintenance experience with precision, reliability, and professional excellence.
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Step into the realm of automotive precision and control with the Icon Autocraft Pvt. Ltd. 3D Wheel Alignment System. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this system sets new benchmarks in vehicle maintenance, catering to the needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Let’s delve into the intricate features that make our system stand out:

  1. Advanced Target Plates: These aren’t just any target plates; they are precision instruments that empower you to command both vehicle axles with surgical accuracy. Every adjustment is executed with finesse, ensuring optimal alignment.
  2. Seamless Hardware & Software Integration: Our system seamlessly integrates cutting-edge hardware and software, eliminating calibration headaches and delivering precise target readings. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to effortless alignment.
  3. High-Precision 3-Camera System: Elevate your alignment expertise with our high-resolution three-camera system, equipped with five movable targets. Each movement is captured with crystal clarity, guaranteeing precise alignment adjustments that leave no margin for error.
  4. Reliability Through Low-Cost Maintenance: Our system is engineered for exceptional reliability and durability, offering low-cost maintenance without compromising performance. You can trust our system to deliver consistent results, time after time.
  5. Intelligent Features for Enhanced Efficiency: Navigate through your alignment tasks effortlessly with intelligent features such as parking assistance and voice control. These intuitive functionalities enhance workflow efficiency and overall user experience.
  6. User-Friendly Interface: Our software is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring quick and efficient alignment processes. Complex alignments are simplified, allowing you to focus on delivering superior results without unnecessary complications.
  7. Automated Steering Angle Measurement: Bid farewell to cumbersome electronic turntables; our system offers automatic steering angle measurement, achieving precise measurements without the hassle, and streamlining your alignment procedures.
  8. Robust Customer Data Management: Stay organized and efficient with our comprehensive customer data bank. Easily store, recall, and manage customer data, providing a seamless experience for you and your clients.
  9. Comprehensive Standard Accessories: From standard 10” to 24” wheel clamps to mounting kits for clamps and targets, our system comes complete with all essential accessories. Everything is neatly organized in a purpose-built cabinet for easy access during operations.
Elevate your wheel alignment capabilities to unparalleled heights with the Icon Autocraft Pvt. Ltd. 3D Wheel Alignment System. Immerse yourself in a world of precision, reliability, and professional excellence, redefining how you approach vehicle maintenance.


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