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Ensuring safety is of paramount importance for automotive services. However, the automotive services industry in India seems to be shifting its focus towards revenue generation at the cost of compromising safety. One of the primary reasons behind this trend is cost-cutting, with many workshop owners resorting to the use of cut-rate machinery, outdated tools, and sometimes even creating their own makeshift adjustments, oblivious of the ramifications these practices have on the overall performance of automobiles. To shed light on the truth behind Indian automotive services, this blog post presents an overview of the situation.


Low-Grade Machinery/Products:

  •  Opting for low-grade machinery is akin to spreading any random butter on bread instead of using premium Amul butter. To put it into perspective, the bread’s taste correlates with the consumer’s overall driving experience. Although the comparison may seem amusing, it holds significant safety implications. Indeed, using low-quality products can severely impact the lifespan of automobiles.

Outdated tools: 

  • It’s comparable to spreading expired butter on bread when using outdated tools. Even the finest quality butter, such as Amul, cannot rescue the unsatisfactory end result. Likewise, utilizing outdated or second-hand products in automotive services is futile. Opting for the latest tools and equipment is the key to achieving optimal results and Peak efficiency.

Personalized Modifications:

  •  Imagine being frustrated with constantly testing random and outdated butter, leading you to decide to create your own personalized version. As our culture is known for customized alterations, it’s not surprising that We Indians would take such an approach. However, even if everyone creates their own butter, the taste may vary due to differing preparation techniques. Established Manufacturers like Amul have consistently achieved great results and have focused on enhancing the taste, much like us. For 15 years, we have been improving automotive services in India.
  • It’s important to note that creating auto servicing tools & equipment cannot be compared to making butter. Even a small mistake can have detrimental effects on vehicles. While the two are vastly different, I hope this example helps answer your question.

We strongly encourage workshop owners to prioritize the use of standard automotive service tools and equipment to guarantee the utmost safety for their valued customers. Providing top-notch service not only ensures customer satisfaction but also promotes the adoption of safe and high-quality practices. If you aim to enhance your profits, we invite you to explore our justifiable solutions. Click the “Shop Now” button to invest in our products and experience a quick and substantial return on investment (ROI).

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