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Wheel Balancers

Our wheel balancers are designed to meet different needs and suit different types of vehicles. We have Digital Wheel Balancer, Videographic Wheel Balancer, 3D Videographic Wheel Balancer, and Truck/Bus Wheel Balancing Machines. We guarantee that our products will provide perfect balance for wheels every time.

The Benchmarks Of Our Wheel Balancing Machines.

Efficiency 89.24%
Accuracy 98.09%
Quality Rating 92.51%
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Wheel Balancing Machines

There are different types of wheel balancers are available !

Heavy Duty Truck Wheel Balancer - IA322

IA 322- CV Wheel Balancer

  • For balancing both truck and car wheels

  • Automatic braking after spin.

  • Automatic start / stop when the hood s lowered/raised.

  • STOP pushbutton lo stop Me machine immediately.

  •  Static and dynamic balancing modes.

  • Four ALU balancing modes for car, No for Trucks.

  • Rawl optimization (OPT).

  • Self-diagnosis.

  • SeIf-calibration.

  • Exceptional stability m reading the unbalance between planes

  • Display in grams or ounces, in mm or inch

  • No anchor-down installation.

  • Power supply : 220V/230V – 1 ph

  • Motor  power : 250W

  • Shaft diameter : 40mm

  • Max. wheel weight : 200Kgs

  • Wheel diameter : 1200mm

  • Rim Diameter : 10” – 32” (255 – 810 mm)

  • Wheel width : 1.5” – 20” (39 – 510 mm)

  • Balancing Precision : ±1g for car mode & ±10g for Truck mode

  • Cycle time : 7s for car mode & 15s for truck mode

  • Balancing speed : 150 rpm for car mode & 90 rpm for truck mode

  • Noise level : < 70 dba

  • Air Supply : 8 – 10 bar (for pneumatic tyre lift platform)

  • Packing Weight : 320 Kg

Videographic Wheel balancers

EM 85- Videographic Wheel Balancer


Number of cameras : 4 immovable cameras.
Camera type : 2 video cameras 1.3MPix and 2 video cameras 5MPix
Mounting type : Floor-mount. Two low pillars.
Cabinet type : T – series
Applicability : Pit distance from cameras to the center of front turn

• It allows taking measurements on heavy duty vehicles with the wheelbase
up to 16 meters
• 4 Digital HD video cameras
• Machine vision system housing are vertical posts equipped with high –
precision network cameras with high -quality matrices
• Machine vision system automatically recognizes the targets that are
installed on the wheels of the vehicle and the position of the probe target.
After that it calculates their geometrical position in space to high precision.
• Compact and easy Targets.
• One Targe for each wheel.
• Easy to handle.
• No need to calibrate targets
• Self-centering wheel adapters with the mobile central part fit 12″-24″ wheel
disk and are compatible with motorcars and trucks.
• Remote control allows you to control your pc from the distance up to 10


Icon IA 700 Truck Wheel Balancer allows measuring trucks with the wheelbase up to

16 meters.

Drive-through is allowed.

If it is necessary to measure control points of the frame near the front bumper, the distance from the cameras to the front turn tables should be not less than 3000mm.

3d videographic wheel balancer

GSP 6500- 3d Wheel Balancer

  • Automatic Distance and wheel diameter measuring, allowing faster data input.

  • Adding tracking sticky balancing mode, special for high-class wheel uses stick-on weights only.

  • Automatic width measuring scale.

  • Automatic Disc brake: Automatic main shaft lock used to retain wheel in the correct position.

  • Laser Pointer: Point out the imbalance place with laser automatically.

  • LED Lighting: Equipped LED to illuminate the weight position indicator.

  • Optional: Pneumatic locking system 

  • 3D Animation interface.

  • Easy to read balancing operating modes, with innovation dynamic indication light, for accuracy and convenience.

  • Easy to use button design with quick and understandable symbols to increase operation speed.

  • Increasing precision in software utilization.

  • Multi language support.

  • Rim Diameter: 10″-24″ inch

  • Rim width: 1.5″- 20″ inch

  • Max wheel weight: 65kg

  • Max wheel diameter: 1000mm

  • Precision: ±1g

  • Motor Power Usage: 0.25Kw / 0.37Kw

  • Power Supply: 230 v/ 1/3 phase

  • Rotation per Minute: 200 RPM

  • Balancing Time: 8s

  • Seconds Time mounting Test: ≤ 5g

  • Split and hidden weight solution: Yes 

  • Noise level: <70db

Digital Car wheel balancer with Lazer

EM 90- Computerised Wheel Balancer

ICON Computerised Wheel Balancers New Generation Economy balancer is designed with the operator in mind. It is highly accurate and reliable machine. The highly accurate threaded shaft ensures that wheels are balanced without any vibration.

  • Dynamic and Alloy Wheels balancing

  • The balancer can perform Static.

  • Laser Pointer: Point out the imbalance place with laser automatically.

  • Motor Cycle Balancing can be purchased separately and used here

    Operator can set up his operational procedure to increase his


  • Wheel hood works as a start and stop switch.

  • Very simple self-calibration procedure that operator can do himself.

  • Customized input system allows operator to save 4 frequently used data base to decrease his time wasted in choosing sizes.

  • The threaded shaft is made of hard material and does not wear out easily.

  • Threaded shaft diameter – 40 MM.

  • All data can be seen at one time on the digital display screen.

  • Unbalance optimization function.

  • Hidden weight function.

  • Motor Cycle Alloy wheel balancing function available.

  • Rim Diameter : 10″ – 24″.

  • Wheel Width : 3″ – 16″.

  • Maximum Tire Diameter : 1100 mm

  • Maximum Tyre Weight : 70 Kg.

  • Balancing Speed : 90/130 RPM.

  • Power Source – 100-230V, Single Phase

  • Frequency – 50 Hz

  • Balancing Speed : 7 Sec

  • Accuracy : 1 gm.

  • Noise : < 70 db (A)

  • Net Weight : 93 Kg

Wheel Balancer

EM65 M - Digital Wheel Balancer

  • Dynamic/ Static balance of tyres and various Aluminum alloy balance modes and motorcycle tyre balance modes.

  • It allows users to edit the most suitable balance operation habit setting according totheir needs, which can greatly improve work efficiency.

  • It has the function of protective cover control, definition of unit systems, selection of minimum unbalance and so on. 

  • With a variety of innovation tyre data Input method, convenient and fast use of tyre rotation can also achieve data adjustment and input.

  • Self calibration is simple and easy to operate, and quickly restores its accuracy for machines that are not in use for a Long time.

  • Rim Diameter: 10″-24″ inch

  • Rim width: 1.5″- 20″ inch

  • Max wheel weight: 65kg

  • Max wheel diameter: 1000mm

  • Precision: ±1g

  • Motor Power Usage: 0.25Kg

  • Power Supply: 230 v/ single phase

  • Rotation per Minute: 200 RPM

  • Balancing Time: 10s

  • Seconds Time mounting Test: ≤ 5g

  • Noise level: <70db

Wheel Balncer- two Wheelers

TW65- For Motorcycles


#TOP10 Frequently Asked Questions!

It is designed to provide quick and easy access to information that can assist you in resolving some of the expected issues or concerns.

Popular FAQs

Wheel balancing machines play an essential role in ensuring the safe and optimal performance of vehicles. They work by achieving a balance between the weight of the tires and wheels, resulting in an evenly distributed weight on all four wheels of the vehicle. With proper tire balancing, not only improves the overall ride smoothness but also ensures that steering issues are prevented.

The Wheel Balancing Machine prices vary depending on its type, model, features, and manual or automatic operation. Basic manual machines start at one lakh rupees, while advanced automated models of Wheel balancers with extra features can cost 5 to 6 lakh rupees. For current pricing information, contact our sales team at +91 98112 49825 or +91 92125 57228. Prices may vary based on location, local market conditions, and promotions.

Tire balancing machines detect and correct imbalances in tire and wheel assembly weight distribution. Here’s how it works:

1. Mount the Tire and Wheel
2. Spin the Assembly
3. Measure with Sensors
4. Calculate Imbalance
5. Apply Counterweights
6. Attach Counterweights
7. Verify Balance
8. Remove from Machine

Balancing tires is important to prevent uneven wear, reduce vibrations, and enhance safety and performance. For more info read our blog posts.

If you are searching for the perfect wheel balancing machine to suit your unique needs, there is an important factor that you should consider:

We highly recommend that you directly consult with our automotive experts in order to receive the most accurate and up-to-date information on wheel balancing machines. Additionally, it may be helpful to read our customer reviews and testimonials to gain a better understanding of the performance and reliability of specific models.

We are proud to introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-performance wheel balancing machine in India and worldwide.

Essential FAQs

Using a wheel balancing machine involves several steps to ensure that the weight distribution on a tire and wheel assembly is even, minimizing vibrations and promoting even tire wear. Here is a general guide on how to use a wheel balancing machine.

1. Prepare the machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
2. Mount the tire and wheel assembly on the spindle or shaft and attach it securely.
3. Enter the wheel data if required.
4. Start the machine and spin the wheel at high speed.
5. The machine will measure forces and analyze the data to detect imbalances.
6. The machine will indicate where counterweights are needed, and the weight and location to add them.
7. Attach the counterweights to the specified locations on the wheel.
8. Recheck the balance and make further adjustments if needed.
9. Remove the tire and wheel assembly from the machine.
10. Install the balanced tire and wheel assembly back onto the vehicle.

Wheel balancing machines ensure even tire weight for smooth rides, longer tire life, and fewer steering/suspension problems. Buy a new machine for updated tech, equipment failures, bigger workload, compliance, customer demands, or replacing old machines. Assess requirements, budget, and research options before buying. Regular maintenance is key to ensure accuracy and reliability.

When buying a wheel balancer machine, consider a second-hand option. Check the machine’s age, condition, features, and capabilities, as well as maintenance and repair records. Look into the warranty and customer support. Second-hand machines can be cost-effective, but new machines offer modern technology and longer warranties. Research thoroughly before deciding.

To install a wheel balancer, read the manual, check all parts, choose a level spot, connect the machine, and calibrate it. Follow safety guidelines

Icon Autocraft offers top-quality automotive service with highly experienced professionals, advanced tools, and competitive pricing.

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