Terms & Conditions Of Purchase Agreement

This purchase agreement is a legally binding document that solidifies the transaction between the seller ( ICON Autocraft Pvt. Ltd.), and the buyer, referred to as the “Customer”. The Company is committed to providing the goods or services as agreed upon, while the Customer is obliged to pay the agreed-upon amount promptly. 

We are confident that this agreement outlines the terms and conditions that will ensure a successful transaction for both parties. Any violation of these terms may lead to legal action, but we trust that both parties will act in good faith to avoid such recourse.

In the event of a dispute, both parties agree to resolve the issue through arbitration or mediation, as outlined in this agreement. We believe that this agreement provides a clear and concise framework for a mutually beneficial transaction, and we look forward to a successful business relationship with the Customer.

Payment Terms:

  • Products will only be dispatched upon receipt of full payment through bank draft, bankers’ cheque (payable at Faridabad), or account transfer.
  • For orders with balance payment on a Draft on Delivery (DOD) basis, the customer must fax/email a copy of the DD before dispatch and hand it over to the transporter within 24 hours of intimation of the material reaching the destination.

Transit Insurance:

  • Transit insurance can be arranged on behalf of the customer at an additional cost of 0.5% of the total invoice value, as mutually agreed upon.
  • The customer is responsible for intimating any transit damages to the insurance company during delivery.

Price and Taxes:

  • The price in this order confirmation covers the basic price of the ordered equipment.
  • The customer agrees to bear any applicable sales tax, levy, duty, or tax imposed by the government or statutory authority at the time of dispatch or delivery.

Delivery and Claims:

  • The Company strives to deliver goods on time; however, in case of unavoidable delays, the customer cannot claim compensation.
  • Demurrage charges by the transporter due to payment delays or delayed equipment pickup are the customer’s responsibility.

Cancellation and Refunds:

  • In the event of order cancellation, the advance will be refunded after a 10% deduction of the order value and administrative charges.
  • If cancellation occurs after dispatch, the customer is liable for “to and fro” freight charges and other associated costs.

Installation Requirements:

  • Installation will only occur if the customer provides the proper power supply, necessary CVT/UPS, and proper earthing.
  • The customer must confirm these provisions through the installation Call Letter to the Company’s Service Center at the Faridabad office.

Authority and Dispute Resolution:

  • No agent or employee, except for the Director(s) of Icon Autocraft, has the authority to alter these terms.
  • In case of a dispute, the Company’s maximum liability is limited to returning the machine’s cost after necessary deductions.

Warranty Terms:

  • The warranty is contingent upon the customer adhering to the equipment’s usage and maintenance instructions.
  • Warranty on specific components is subject to the terms provided by the component manufacturer.
  • Consumables, seals, rubber parts, and any physical damage are explicitly excluded from warranty coverage.


  • All matters are subject to the jurisdiction of Faridabad.


  • By reading and accepting these terms and conditions, the Customer acknowledges and agrees to be bound by the stipulations outlined herein.

This document serves as a legally binding agreement between Icon Autocraft Pvt. Ltd. and the Customer. It is recommended that the Customer carefully review and understand these terms before entering into the purchase agreement

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