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Introducing the GSP 6500, a cutting-edge 3D Videographic Wheel Balancer by Icon Autocraft Pvt. Ltd., engineered to revolutionize your wheel balancing experience. This state-of-the-art model combines advanced technology with user-friendly features, ensuring precision, efficiency, and convenience for every automotive workshop.

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We are excited to introduce the game-changing 3D Videographic Wheel Balancer with the plate number 1 from Icon Autocraft Pvt. Ltd. This cutting-edge model is designed to revolutionize your wheel balancing experience. With advanced technology and user-friendly features, it guarantees the highest level of precision, efficiency, and convenience for every automotive workshop. You can be confident that this wheel balancer will deliver outstanding results every time, making it an essential tool for every professional mechanic or DIY enthusiast. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – upgrade to the 3D Videographic Wheel Balancer and take your wheel balancing to the next level.

3d Videographic wheel balancer’s technical Specifications:

Parameter Specification
Rim Diameter 10″-24″ inch
Max Wheel Weight 65 kg
Max Wheel Diameter 1000mm
Rim Width 1.5″-20″ inch
Power Supply 220 V 1/3 Phase
Rotation Per Minute 200 RPM
Balancing Time 8s
Noise Level < 70db

Automatic Distance and Wheel Diameter Measuring: The GSP 6500 comes equipped with an advanced feature that automatically measures both distance and wheel diameter. This cutting-edge technology optimizes the balancing process, saving valuable time and simplifying data input for a hassle-free experience.

Tracking Sticky Balancing Mode: Designed for automotive enthusiasts who demand the best, the GSP 6500 introduces the innovative tracking sticky balancing mode. Unlike traditional methods using clip-on weights, this mode utilizes stick-on weights strategically placed for a perfect balance. Experience a seamless and professional finish, enhancing overall vehicle performance and handling.

Automatic Width Measuring Scale: Achieve unparalleled accuracy with the automatic width measuring scale, allowing precise adjustments tailored to each wheel’s specifications.

Automatic Disc Brake and Laser Pointer: The GSP 6500 features an automatic disc brake system that securely locks the main shaft, maintaining the wheel in the correct position. The built-in laser pointer precisely indicates imbalance locations, optimizing weight placement efficiency.

LED Lighting and 3D Animation Interface: Illuminate the weight position indicator with integrated LED lighting for a clear view during the balancing process. The 3D animation interface ensures a user-friendly and visually intuitive experience.

Optional Pneumatic Locking System: For added convenience, the GSP 6500 offers an optional pneumatic locking system, streamlining the wheel mounting process.

Easy-to-Use Design and Multi-Language Support: Boasting an easy-to-use button design with quick and understandable symbols, this 3d vidographic wheel balancer machine optimizes operation speed. The interface supports multiple languages, catering to a diverse range of users.

High Precision and Split/Hidden Weight Solution: With a precision of +/- 1g, the GSP 6500 (3d videographic wheel balancer) ensures accuracy in every balancing operation. The split and hidden weight solution adds versatility, allowing for precise weight placement in various scenarios.

Powerful Performance: Equipped with a 0.2 kW / 0.37 kW motor, the GSP 6500 operates at 200 RPM, completing the balancing process in just 8 seconds. The second time mounting test ensures effective correction of imbalances, with a tolerance of </= 5g.

If you are Looking for a better way to balance your wheels? Look no further than this amazing videographic wheel balancer-GSP 6500! Our latest innovation is the perfect combination of precision and ingenuity, making it the must-have tool for any car enthusiast. At Icon Autocraft Pvt. Ltd., we’re committed to providing you with the best automotive equipment in the market. So why not upgrade your wheel balancing experience with the GSP 6500? You won’t be disappointed!


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3d videographic wheel balancerVideographic Wheel Balancer – GSP 6500