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IA322 Heavy Duty Truck Wheel Balancer is a powerhouse of balancing capabilities designed to cater to both truck and car wheels. This robust machine comes loaded with unique features and advanced technology, making it an indispensable tool for automotive professionals seeking precision and efficiency in wheel balancing.

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We’re satisfied to introduce you to our brand new Heavy Duty Truck Wheel Balancer with the plate number IA322. This powerhouse of a machine is perfect for balancing both car and truck wheels with precision and ease. With its advanced technology and unique features, you can trust that you’ll always get an accurate and efficient wheel balancing experience. Plus, we’ve designed it to be user-friendly, so even if you’re not an expert, you can still get the job done. With the touchscreen display, automatic weight placement, and laser-guided wheel mounting, you’ll feel like a pro in no time. And don’t worry, the Heavy Duty Truck Wheel Balancer is built to last, so it’ll be your dependable companion for years to come. Whether you’re a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, the Heavy Duty Truck Wheel Balancer is the perfect tool to add to your garage.

Unique Features:

    1. Versatility: Our IA322 (An innovative Wheel balancing Machine) is engineered to offer a comprehensive and versatile solution for diverse types of vehicles. Its design enables it to balance both truck and car wheels, making it an ideal solution for different types of vehicles and wheels.

    2. Automatic Braking: The IA322 ensures safety and convenience with its automatic braking feature after the spin cycle. This feature optimizes workflow, allowing operators to focus on other tasks while ensuring that the machine stops safely.

    3. Hood-controlled Start/Stop: The IA322 is designed to start or stop automatically when the hood is raised or lowered. This feature streamlines operations and ensures that the machine operates efficiently and safely.

    4. Emergency STOP Button: The IA322 is equipped with an easily accessible STOP pushbutton that allows for immediate machine halting, enhancing operator control, and ensuring safe operations.

    5. Balancing Modes: This wheel balancing machine is equipped with static and dynamic balancing modes, along with four ALU balancing modes for cars (not applicable for trucks). This feature makes it adaptable to various balancing requirements, offering a versatile solution for different types of wheels and vehicles.

    6. Rawl Optimization (OPT): An Inclusion of Rawl optimization ensures efficient and precise wheel balancing for the IA322. This feature ensures that the machine provides accurate and reliable results, making it an ideal solution for professional workshops and garages.

    7. Diagnostic and Calibration: The IA322 features self-diagnosis and self-calibration capabilities, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. This feature ensures that the machine performs accurately and efficiently over time, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring that the machine operates reliably.

    8. Exceptional Stability: The IA322 excels in reading unbalance between planes, providing unparalleled stability in balancing operations. This feature ensures that the machine provides accurate and reliable results, making it an ideal solution for professional workshops and garages.

    9. Display Options: The IA322 offers flexibility in measurement display options. Users can choose between displaying measurements in grams or ounces, and in millimeters or inches, based on their preferences. This feature ensures that the machine is user-friendly and customizable based on the users’ needs.

    10. No Anchor-Down Installation: The IA322 can be installed without the need for an anchor-down installation. This feature provides flexibility in machine placement, allowing users to install the machine where it is most convenient for them.

Technical Data: Details
Power Supply 220V/230V – 1 ph
Motor Power 250W
Shaft Diameter 40mm
Max. Wheel Weight 200Kgs
Wheel Diameter 1200mm
Rim Diameter 10” – 32” (255 – 810 mm)
Wheel Width 1.5” – 20” (39 – 510 mm)
Balancing Precision ±1g for car mode & ±10g for Truck mode
Cycle Time 7s for car mode & 15s for truck mode
Balancing Speed 150 rpm for car mode & 90 rpm for truck mode
Noise Level < 70 db
Air Supply 8 – 10 bar (for pneumatic tyre lift platform)
Packing Weight 320 Kg
Manufactured by ICON® Autocraft Pvt. Ltd.

Transform your automotive workshop with the IA322 Heavy Duty Truck Wheel Balancer, an advanced machine that offers unmatched precision, efficiency, and versatility. This cutting-edge wheel balancer is designed to deliver superior performance for both cars and trucks, enabling you to provide a higher level of service to your customers. The IA322 is equipped with advanced features that make it easy to use and highly accurate, ensuring that every wheel is balanced to perfection. Experience the power and precision of the IA322 and take your workshop to the next level.


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Heavy Duty Truck Wheel Balancer - IA322Heavy Duty Truck Wheel Balancer – IA322