Electro Hydraulic Two Post Lift: TPL-4HC


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Introducing the TPL-4HC Electro Hydraulic Two Post Lift from Icon Autocraft Pvt. Ltd. – the ultimate lifting machine for your garage or workshop. With exceptional performance, durability, and safety at its core, this lift is built to exceed your expectations. Designed with precision and crafted using advanced CNC machines and premium materials, the TPL-4HC guarantees long-lasting and stable performance. Boasting innovative features that optimize efficiency and safety, the TPL-4HC is the perfect choice for professional mechanics and car enthusiasts alike. Trust us – you won’t find a better lifting solution anywhere else.
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The ICON Electro Hydraulic Two Post Lift, Model TPL-4HC, is an exceptional product that guarantees long-lasting and reliable performance. Our lift is engineered using advanced technologies that utilize high-precision CNC machines and premium-quality materials. The hydraulic power unit and oil nylon roller structure ensure a smooth and quiet lifting experience. Safety is our top priority, so we equipped the lift with safety features like falling prevention support, lifting arm gyro angle lock unit, and bracket steel rope forced synchronization unit to ensure user safety and convenience. The maintenance of this machine is simple, and we conduct strict pre-dispatch inspections on all machines to ensure a flawless product delivery.


  1. Padded Shut-Off Bar:
    • Positive: Prevents damage caused by lifting too high, enhancing overall safety.
    • Overall Evaluation: A valuable safety feature to protect both the lift and vehicles being serviced.
  2. High-Pressure, Full-Stroke Cylinders:
    • Positive: Provides maximum lifting force, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.
    • Overall Evaluation: High-pressure cylinders contribute to the lift’s effectiveness, especially for heavy-duty applications.
  3. Symmetric 2-Post Lift with Asymmetric Arm Design:
    • Positive: Offers more pick-up points, increasing versatility for various vehicle types.
    • Overall Evaluation: This design enhances flexibility and usability in servicing different wheelbases.
  4. Three-Stage Arms:
    • Positive: Increases overall arm sweep, accommodating a wider range of wheelbases.
    • Overall Evaluation: Improves adaptability, making the lift suitable for a variety of vehicles.
  5. Reliable Self-Setting Locking System:
    • Positive: Easy-to-reach lock latch handle adds convenience.
    • Overall Evaluation: A reliable and user-friendly locking system contributes to the ease of operation and safety.

Technical Specifications:

Parameter Specification
Type of Lift Asymmetrical
Type of Equalization Cable
Capacity 4000 kg (4 Ton)
Capacity Per Arm 875 kg
Overall Width 3628 mm
Width between Columns 2790 mm
Drive-Thru Width 2080 mm
Overall Height 3631 mm
Under Bar Clearance 3419 mm
Height to Lowered Lift Pad 110 mm
Height to Raised Low Lift Pad 215 mm
Front Arm Retracted Length 717 mm
Front Arm Extended Length 1048 mm
Rear Arm Retracted Length 791 mm
Rear Arm Extended Length 1141 mm
Maximum Lifting Height 1920 mm
Lift Time / Lower Time 49 / 45 seconds
Hydraulic Oil Capacity 10L
Maximum Operating Pressure 3000 psi
Primary Safety Mechanical lock at every 3” starting at 24”
Auxiliary Safety Load holding valve on power pack
Hydraulic Safety 2 cylinders direct, flow restrictors
Power Supply Requirements 220V, 1 Ph, 50 / 380 V AC, 3 Ph., 50 Hz.
If you’re in need of a reliable and versatile solution for your automotive maintenance needs, look no further than the ICON TPL-4HC Electro Hydraulic Two Post Lift. With safety features, high-pressure cylinders, and thoughtful design, this lift is not only efficient but also user-friendly. And when it comes to quality and performance, you can trust Icon Autocraft Pvt. Ltd. to deliver the best.


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Electro Hydraulic Two Post LiftElectro Hydraulic Two Post Lift: TPL-4HC