Four Post Lift (REX-4T)


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Experience the ultimate level of automotive maintenance with the ICON’s REX-4T Four Post Lift – an exceptional and advanced machinery that offers exceptional strength, pinpoint accuracy, and cutting-edge technological innovation, all brought to you by the skilled team at Icon Autocraft Pvt. Ltd. This lift is designed to elevate your automotive experience, providing you with the ultimate peace of mind and confidence in your maintenance and repair work. So why settle for less when you can aim for the best with the ICON REX-4T Four Post Lift?

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Revolutionize your automotive maintenance with the ICON REX-4T Four Post Lift from Icon Autocraft Pvt. Ltd. This mechanical masterpiece is a true game-changer, exceeding conventional boundaries with its fusion of cutting-edge technology and precision engineering. Designed for discerning professionals and workshops, the ICON 4-post lift is not just a tool, but a testament to elevated performance, unmatched safety, and exceptional versatility. Our lift is built to the highest standards, providing you with a seamless and efficient experience that is unparalleled in the industry. With its robust construction, intuitive design, and state-of-the-art features, the ICON REX-4T Four Post Lift promises to transform the way you work on vehicles, providing you with the confidence to take on any job with ease.

Product Specifications:

Specification Value
Lifting Capacity 4000 Kgs
Lifting Time 42 Sec
Min Lifting Height 270 mm
Max Lifting Height 1800 mm
Length 4800 mm
Width 3340 mm
Height 2120 mm
Power Supply 415V (+10%), 50Hz, 3 Phase

Key Features:

  1. High Technology Machine: The ICON 4-post lift boasts cutting-edge technology for superior performance, making it an indispensable asset in both large and small workshops.
  2. Electro-Hydraulic Operation: The lift’s operation is seamlessly controlled by an electro-hydraulic system, ensuring efficiency and reliability during lifting and lowering procedures.
  3. Wheel Alignment Excellence: Specifically designed for fast and accurate wheel alignment of cars, this lift enhances precision and convenience in alignment tasks.
  4. Impressive Capacity: With a robust lifting capacity of 4 tons, it accommodates various vehicles, including cars, pickups, and 16-seat cars, making it a versatile solution for diverse automotive needs.
  5. Pneumatic Jack Integration: The lift comes equipped with a 2-ton pneumatic jack, providing additional support for tasks like wheel rotation, engine oil replacement, brake repair, and more.
  6. Adjustable Turntable Position: The turntable position is easily adjustable, accommodating different vehicle sizes with ease, ensuring versatility in usage.
  7. High Precision CNC Machining: All components are meticulously crafted using high-precision CNC machining, guaranteeing accurate and reliable operation for a prolonged lifespan.
  8. Multi-functional Operation: Beyond wheel alignment, the lift serves a myriad of purposes, including wheel rotation, engine oil replacement, brake and silencer repairs, ball bearing replacement, shock absorber repair, arm replacement, and underbody anti-rust coating.


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Four Post LiftFour Post Lift (REX-4T)