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Icon Autocraft is dedicated to providing advanced solutions that cater to the specific requirements of the automotive industry. If you’re looking to enhance your electric vehicle maintenance capabilities, the EV TC 55 Electric Vehicle Tyre Changer is the perfect choice. It combines precision, efficiency, and reliability, making it an ideal option for your tyre-changing needs. You can rely on Icon Autocraft Pvt. Ltd. for a tyre-changing experience that is tailored to meet the demands of the future of automotive technology.
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We are thrilled to introduce the EV TC 55 Electric Vehicle Tyre Changer – a cutting-edge solution developed by Icon Autocraft Pvt. Ltd. that is tailored to meet the distinctive demands of electric vehicles. With its advanced features, this equipment is designed to elevate your tyre-changing experience to a whole new level. It combines precision, efficiency, and reliability to ensure that electric vehicle maintenance is hassle-free and seamless. Whether you are a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, the EV TC 55 Electric Vehicle Tyre Changer is the perfect tool for you!

  • Inner Clamping Range:Experience unparalleled adaptability with an impressive inner clamping range of 12″-22″ inches, allowing you to effortlessly handle a diverse array of electric vehicle tyre sizes.
  • Outer Clamping Range: Versatility meets precision with an outer clamping range of 10″-20″ inches, ensuring that the EV TC 55 is well-equipped to handle a wide range of electric vehicle tyres with utmost accuracy.
  • Power Supply: Powered by a robust 220V 1 Phase 50 Hz supply, the EV TC 55 guarantees a reliable and consistent performance, seamlessly integrating into your electric vehicle maintenance workflow.
  • Compressed Air Supply: Efficiency is at the core of the EV TC 55, operating optimally with a compressed air supply of 8-10 Bar. This ensures swift and effective tyre-changing processes tailored to the unique needs of electric vehicles.
  • Bead Breaking Force: Experience the formidable power of a 2000 kg bead-breaking force, facilitating the efficient separation of tyre beads for hassle-free tyre replacements, specifically designed to meet the demands of electric vehicle tyres.
  • Rotation Speed: Precision meets speed with a rotation speed of 7 rpm, providing a perfect balance between rapid tyre changing and careful handling, ensuring the safety and integrity of electric vehicle tyres.
  • Motor: At the heart of the EV TC 55 is a robust 1.5hp motor, operating seamlessly on a 220V, 50 Hz power supply. This high-performance motor ensures a reliable and enduring operation, making tyre changing for electric vehicles a seamless and efficient process.

Product Specifications:

Inner Clamping Range 12″-22″ inch
Outer Clamping Range 10″-20″ inch
Power Supply 220 V 1 Phase 50 Hz
Compressed Air Supply 8-10 Bar
Bead Breaking Force 2000 kg.
Rotation Speed 7 rpm
Motor 1.5hp, 220V, 50 Hz


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Electric Vehicle Tyre Changer Machine - EV TC-55Electric Vehical Tyre Changer – EV TC 55