Bus & Truck Tyre Changer Machine: TC-1500


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The ICON Heavy Duty Tyre Changer TC-1500 is not just a machine, it is a game-changer in the tyre management industry. With an unwavering commitment to quality, durability, and innovation, Icon Autocraft has presented a tyre changer that is a testament to its unbridled excellence in the automotive industry. By choosing the ICON Heavy Duty Tyre Changer TC-1500, you can elevate your tyre-changing experience to a whole new level, with unparalleled power and precision in every revolution. You can rest assured that you are making the right choice with ICON Heavy Duty Tyre Changer TC-1500.

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Experience unparalleled tyre-changing excellence with the ICON Heavy Duty Tyre Changer Machine Model TC-1500, crafted to perfection by Icon Autocraft Pvt. Ltd. This electro-hydraulic marvel is a game-changer in the industry, designed with unique features and capabilities that set a new standard of convenience and versatility. It’s a machine that will surpass all your expectations, delivering seamless tyre operations with precision, speed, and power. The TC-1500 is a reliable partner that will make tyre-changing effortless, efficient, and hassle-free, saving you time and effort. It’s the ultimate solution for all your heavy-duty tyre needs, and you can trust it to deliver the best results every time. Get ready to revolutionize your tyre-changing experience with the TC-1500.


Key Features:

  1. Extended Tyre Range: The TC-1500 effortlessly navigates through the intricate demands of Truck/Bus tyres, encompassing sizes from 14” to 26”. From deep-grooved rims to tubeless tyres with rings, it conquers them all with unwavering proficiency.
  2. Electro-Hydraulic Powerhouse: Unleash the power of advanced electro-hydraulic technology. The TC-1500 is not just a tyre changer; it’s a robust solution engineered to handle the rigors of heavy-duty tyre-changing applications with unmatched precision.
  3. 360-Degree Tool Head Rotation: Seamlessly maneuver around tyres with the tool head’s full 360-degree rotation. This unprecedented flexibility empowers you to handle tyre-changing tasks with unmatched ease and precision.
  4. Automatic Tilt-Back Function: Efficiency takes center stage with the automatic tilt-back function of the tool arm. Tyre-changing tasks become streamlined, enhancing overall operational proficiency.
  5. Powerful Hydraulic Pump: The heart of the TC-1500 lies in its high-performance hydraulic pump, delivering a potent blend of power and precision. Each tyre-changing operation becomes a testament to seamless efficiency.
  6. Massive Chuck Spindle: With a robust chuck spindle, the TC-1500 effortlessly shoulders the heaviest loads, ensuring stability and reliability in every tyre-changing endeavor.
  7. Quick Positioning and Locking: Minimize downtime and amplify operational speed with quick positioning and locking of the mount/demount arm. The TC-1500 is engineered for those who value time without compromising on precision.

Technical Specifications:

Rim Clamping (Outside) Bus / Truck
Rim Clamping (Inside) 14”~26”
Max Wheel Diameter 1500 mm
Max Wheel Width 760 mm
Operation Pressure 50-130 bar
Motor Power 2.2 KW, 3 Phase
Bead Breaking Force ~
Noise Level <70 db

Why Choose ICON TC-1500?

Investing in the ICON’s Heavy Duty Tyre Changer TC-1500 is a smart move for your automotive business that will undoubtedly bring you significant returns for years to come. Its precision and power are unmatched, making it an essential tool for any tyre-changing operation. With its top-notch durability and quality, you can trust that it will provide the best and long-lasting performance. By choosing the ICON Heavy Duty Tyre Changer TC-1500, you’re taking a confident step forward in your tyre management system and experiencing the transformative difference that only Icon Autocraft can offer.


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