Computerised Wheel Balancer – EM65 ( Also for Two-Wheelers)


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Introducing the EM65 Digital Wheel Balancer by Icon Autocraft Pvt. Ltd – the ultimate solution for all your tyre balancing service needs. This exceptional tool combines dynamic and static balance seamlessly, allowing for user-customizable settings, protective cover control, and swift self-calibration. Designed with specialized modes for both aluminum alloy and optional attachments for motorcycle tires, the EM65 ensures unparalleled precision across a range of lightweight four-wheeler tires up to 65 kg and even two-wheeler motorcycle tyres. Enhance the efficiency and professionalism of your workshop with this advanced, user-friendly balancing solution.
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The ICON Computerised Wheel Balancer Machine provides accurate readings and ensures proper balance. Its self-calibration program makes it easy to operate with precision. By minimizing tyre bounce and improving traction and steering control, the wheel balancer offers a smoother ride. The machine’s strengthened body structure increases stability, while its low maintenance requirements make it a reliable choice.

Technical Specifications:

Rim Diameter 10″-24″ inch
Max Wheel Diameter 1000mm
Rim Width 1.5″-20″ inch
Precision ± 1g
Motor Power 0.25kW
Power Supply 230 V Single Phase
Rotation Per Minute 200 RPM
Balancing Time 10s
Second Time Mounting Test ≤ 5g
Noise Level < 70db

Manufacturer: Icon Autocraft Pvt. Ltd


  • • Dynamic / Static Balance of Tyres and Various Aluminium Alloy Balance Modes and Motorcycle Tyre Balance Modes.
    • It Allows Users to Edit the Most Suitable Balance Operation Habit Settings According to their needs, Which Can Greatly Improve Work Efficiency.
    • It Has the Function of Protective Cover Control, Definition of Unit Systems, Selection of Minimum Unbalance and so on.
    • With a Variety of Innovative Tyre Data Input Method, Convenient and Fast Use of Tyre Rotation Can Also Achieve Data Adjustment and Input.
    • Self-Calibration is Simple and Easy to Operate, and Quickly Restore its Accuracy for Machines that Are Not in Use for a Long Time.

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