The Latest High Profit Business Idea For 2024

High Profit Business Idea

Why Opt for Icon Autocraft Pvt. Ltd’s High Profit Business Idea?

1. Unmatched Expertise

2. Global Prowess

3. Maximizing Returns with the Four-Wheel Alignment Setup – A High Profit Business Idea

Wheel Alignment Machine

Key Advantages of Investing in Icon Autocraft’s High Profit Business Idea.

 1. Technological Excellence

2. Remarkable ROI Potential: Calculating Your Success

  • Total Investment: 5.5 lakhs (Complete alignment step-up cost + Repair & Maintenance cost )
  • Revenue per Alignment: 400 rupees
  • Total No. of Alignment Achieved: 2190 ( Avg. of 3 cars/day for 2 year’s service)

ROI=(Total Alignment Achieved * Revenue per Alignment)/ Total Investment * 100

ROI=(2190 * 400) / 550000 * 100

ROI=159.2% (This outcome is entirely derived from estimations; it is advisable not to regard it as definitive.)

3. Quality Assurance for Maximum Profitability

Embrace the Future of High Profit Business Ideas in 2024 with Icon Autocraft Pvt. Ltd.

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