Automatic Car Jet Wash- Model: iWASH-K


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If you are Looking to take your car washing to the next level? Look no further than iWASH-K – an innovative solution that combines cutting-edge technology with unrivaled efficiency to deliver a truly superior car washing experience. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, iWASH-K is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve and keep their car looking spotless. So why settle for anything less? Choose innovation, choose mobility solutions, and choose iWASH-K today!
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Introducing the Car Auto Jet Wash, Model iWASH-K – the ultimate solution for car owners who demand nothing but the best. This state-of-the-art car wash is brought to you by innovative mobility solutions and is designed to elevate your car washing experience to the next level. With precision engineering and advanced features, the iWASH-K is guaranteed to deliver optimal performance and give your car the ultimate cleaning it deserves. Say goodbye to the hassle and frustration of traditional car washing and say hello to the future with iWASH-K.

Key Features:

  1. Solid Ceramic Plungers: The iWASH-K is equipped with solid ceramic plungers, ensuring durability and reliability in every wash cycle.
  2. Stainless Steel Check Valves: Incorporating high-quality stainless steel check valves, the iWASH-K guarantees seamless and efficient water flow.
  3. Heat-Treated Crank Shafts: With heat-treated crankshafts, this car wash model is built to withstand rigorous usage, maintaining consistent performance.
  4. High-Strength Bronze or Aluminum Alloy Connecting Rods: The use of high-strength bronze or aluminum alloy connecting rods enhances the structural integrity, contributing to the durability of the iWASH-K.
  5. Increased Work Efficiency: Designed to increase work efficiency and maximize output, the iWASH-K ensures a swift and effective car washing process.
  6. Heavy-Duty Forged Brass Manifolds: The inclusion of heavy-duty forged brass manifolds further enhances the robustness of the car wash system.

Technical Specifications:

  1. High-Pressure Triple Ceramic Plunger Pump: Boasting a flow rate of 40 liters per minute, the iWASH-K delivers high-pressure cleaning for superior results.
  2. Nozzle Pressure: With a nozzle pressure of 150 bar, the iWASH-K tackles tough dirt and grime with ease.
  3. Power Requirement: Operating with a power requirement of 11-12 kW, this car wash system ensures efficient energy utilization.
  4. Power Consumption: Impressively, the iWASH-K consumes only 1 unit per vehicle, reflecting its commitment to energy efficiency.
  5. Water Consumption Per Vehicle: Utilizing 120 to 140 liters of water per vehicle, the iWASH-K combines effective cleaning with responsible water usage.
  6. Washing Dimensions (LxWxH): The iWASH-K has ample washing dimensions of 5.8×2.2×2.6 meters, providing versatility for various vehicle sizes.
  7. Total Number of Cycles: Offering a comprehensive cleaning experience, the iWASH-K features 6 cycles, ensuring a thorough wash for every vehicle.
  8. Time Required Per Cycle: With a quick 1.5-minute cycle time, the iWASH-K efficiently balances speed and effectiveness.
  9. Chemical Wash: The chemical wash feature operates automatically, enhancing the cleaning process.
  10. Automation: The iWASH-K incorporates a PLC with an HMI control system, ensuring user-friendly and precise control.
  11. Dryer System: While the iWASH-K doesn’t include a dryer system, its quick cycles minimize drying time for a swift and efficient car wash.

Optional Units:

Enhance your iWASH-K experience with optional units, including a generator, air compressor, vacuum generator, steam generator, high-pressure pump, water tank, steam wash, water wash hose, and optional enclosure and accessories for a customized car wash solution.



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