Double Your money With High Quality Car Washing Machine

Car Washing Machine -Double Your Investment with Icon Autocarft


If you’re considering a substantial investment to kickstart or enhance your business with car washing, this exclusive content is customized for you. As we know, satisfying customers goes beyond the usage of a mere bucket of water or a scrap of polishing clothes; It demands the provision of quality services that adhere to professional standards. Consequently, Starting a successful car washing service requires significant investments, particularly in two essential machines: a high-pressure pump and a vacuum cleaner. Additionally, you’ll need various accessories like scrubbers, car washing cloths, shampoo, and more. The initial cost for these indispensable components typically amounts to around a lakh.

Entrepreneurs with a more substantial budget have a myriad of possibilities to explore. Delve into diversifying your services by integrating semi-automatic or automatic car washing options, or take your offerings to new heights with advanced equipment like a steam washer, washing lifts, or fully automated car washing stations. It’s crucial to emphasize that this guide is designed specifically for investors with a lakh to spare. If you fall into this category, click here for more personalized assistance tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

Total Cost of Car washing Set-Up: 

Our machines are well-set to provide an experience of perfection and can fulfill your diverse car washing requirements, with the cost encompassing your budgetary concerns. With us, starting your car washing services is hassle-free, requiring just an investment of a lakh. Within this budget, you’ll receive the IHP 31 high-pressure pump and the EVC 30 DW vacuum cleaner, equipped with top-quality necessary accessories. At Icon Autocraft Pvt. Ltd., we ensure that your investment isn’t exclusively cost-effective but correspondingly provides the essential equipment required for a satisfactory car washing experience.

Car washing Machine - High pressure pump
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Benefits of High-Pressure Pump and Vacuum Cleaner:

1. Efficiency: Achieve more than just cleanliness; experience a thorough and effective cleaning process with the high-pressure pump.

2. Precision: The vacuum cleaner ensures meticulous interior cleaning, leaving no dirt or debris behind.

3. Time-saving: High-pressure pumps and vacuum cleaners significantly expedite the cleaning process, enhancing overall productivity and service quality.

Return on Investment (ROI):

In the dynamic market of India, each car washing service can potentially bring in a minimum of 500 rupees, and earnings can increase substantially based on the luxury level of the cars serviced. Washing just one base model car a day has the potential to double or even triple your initial investment within a couple of years, demonstrating a promising return on investment.


Welcome to the exciting realm of automotive service with Icon Autocraft, a well-known name in manufacturing iconic automotive service tools and equipment. Our unique innovations and technology keep you ahead in the game and position your business as a superior in the industry. We don’t just provide equipment; we offer complete training on delivering quality services to your customers. As you think about the possibilities of elevating your auto services, take a moment to consider the multifaceted benefits of this investment. If you require any assistance or additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to drive you into a new era of automotive excellence.

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