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In the Indian automotive service market, various manufacturers and sellers offer a range of wheel alignment machines with separate types and models. Consequently, Wheel alignment machine price varies among diverse manufacturers and sellers. As a prominent manufacturer of automotive service products, Icon Autocraft Pvt. Ltd. recommends the most suitable and justified prices for wheel alignment machines. Our company specializes in producing wheel alignment machines of top-notch quality and advanced technology.

Wheel Alignment Machine Price at ICON Autocraft

At Icon Autocraft, the wheel alignment machine price starts at @INR 3 lakhs and goes up to 12 lakhs, depending on the features and specifications of the machine. If you find our prices comparatively high against other brands, allow us to clarify. When you invest in an Icon wheel alignment machine at 300k INR, you are choosing a product from a manufacturer with decades of experience in delivering quality products and services to the Indian automotive industry.

Wheel Alignment Machine

Valid Reasons:

  • Keep in mind that with the purchase of an Icon wheel alignment machine, priced at 300k INR, you not only get a quality product but also benefit from auto-update features for new vehicle alignments and real-time 3D video graphics access on the display of the base model of our wheel alignment machine. Should you choose not to preserve the warranty, our team is well-trained to provide excellent customer support and deliver quality services. If you remain unconvinced, why not give them a try?

  • We offer a variety of 3D wheel alignment machines, catering to the belief that “precision is a passion” for automotive service providers. Regarding our advanced wheel alignment, the price is approximately 450k INR, encompassing unique features and unmatched specifications, including the ability to work under direct sunlight. This is not a mere superficial advancement; its significance becomes apparent when you understand the workings of a standard wheel aligner.

Truck Wheel Alignment Machine Price

Truck Wheel Alignment

Now, you may wonder why an advanced wheel aligner costs only 450k INR when some machines are priced at 12,000k or more. Rest assured, only the Truck Wheel Alignment Machine Price reaches those high numbers. Their higher price is justified due to the complexity introduced by multiple wheels, elevating the overall complexity and cost of the alignment machine.


We trust you will find the best wheel alignment machine price along with a clear understanding of the reasons behind their cost. For detailed price lists, including specific models, feel free to contact us. If you are considering opening your auto service, reach out to us for possibly the best solutions. Thank you for getting in touch!

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