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Wheel Alignment Machine

3d Wheel Alignment Machine
    • Our company has recently designed an advanced wheel alignment machine that operates flawlessly even under direct sunlight, making it the ideal solution for auto shops located in areas with intense sunlight exposure. Our machine is equipped with advanced technology that ensures accurate and precise results, helping technicians align wheels quickly and efficiently.

    • One of the most exciting features of our machine is the online data upload facility, which allows auto shops to easily upload information on new vehicles as they become available. This feature ensures that the machine is always up-to-date and ready to handle the latest models, making it the ideal investment for auto shops looking to stay ahead of the curve.

    • With our wheel alignment machine, you can be sure that your vehicle will receive top-notch service, no matter how challenging the conditions may be.
  • SL 201 Plus

    SL 201 Plus

    ENCORE Platinum


    Tyre Inflator Machine

    Tyre Inflator
    • At Icon Autocraft Pvt. Ltd., we’ve got you covered with a wide range of tyre inflator machines that are perfect for all kinds of vehicles. From electric vehicles (EVs) to commercial vehicles (CVs) such as trucks and buses, as well as two-wheelers and four-wheelers – we’ve got it all!

    • Our tyre inflator lineup includes both nitrogen and air inflators, giving you the flexibility to choose what suits your specific requirements. With advanced technology, our machines ensure accurate and efficient inflation, contributing to optimal tire performance. So whether you need to service electric vehicles with unique specifications or handle the tires of commercial vehicles, our tyre inflator machines are designed to deliver reliable results.

    • Our company’s commitment to quality and innovation ensures that its inflators contribute to maintaining the safety and performance of vehicles across the automotive spectrum. And don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any assistance!
  • Tyre Inflator


    Tyre Inflator = Ni-400


    Ai- 100


    Wheel Balancing Machine

    Wheel Balancing Machine
    • Icon Autocraft Pvt. Ltd. specializes in advanced wheel balancing machines, offering a complete range that includes digital wheel balancers, videographic wheel balancers, semi-automatic wheel balancers, and automatic wheel balancers.

    • Our digital wheel balancers employ advanced technology with digital displays for precise and efficient balancing, While the videographic wheel balancers take it a step further by providing visual representations of wheel imbalances, enhancing diagnostic capabilities

    • Icon Autocraft is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that meet the diverse needs of automotive service centers or workshops, ensuring optimal vehicle performance and customer satisfaction.
  • EM-65


    Wheel Balancer



    Tyre Changer Machine

    Tyre Changer
    • At Icon Autocraft Pvt. Ltd., we’re all about providing you with the best tyre changing machines for your vehicle services. Our range of machines caters to all kinds of vehicles, from electric vehicles (EVs) to commercial vehicles (CVs) like buses, tractors, and trucks, as well as two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

    • We offer both semi-automatic and automatic tyre changers to make the tyre replacement process as seamless and efficient as possible for you. Our semi-automatic models provide a perfect balance of manual control and automation, while our automatic tyre changers come equipped with advanced technology to streamline the process further and save you both time and effort.

    • we’re dedicated to providing innovative and high-quality machines that meet the unique requirements of electric vehicles and the robust needs of commercial vehicles, ensuring your vehicle maintenance and repair services run smoothly.
  • Tyre Changer

    TCX 90+

    Semi-automatic Tyre Changer

    TCX 90+

    TCX 75

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